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Roohollah Shahsavar

Founder and editor-in-chief

Rooh is a multi-talented journalist and blogger. He writes mainly in Persian and his blog RoohSavar enjoys a wide audience. He founded the platform bloggardan.com that offers a selection among the best 700 Iranian blogs. He blogs at Regards Persans on Rue89.

Sajad kioumarsi

Chief Technological Officer

Sajad is an accomplished software engineer and developper with more than 10 years experiences working in Iran, Malaysia and Germany. He co-launched several start-ups as a senior web developper and developped SaaS solutions for companies like photobook or Adex. He is based in Berlin since 2014.

Writing and editing

Samuel Hauraix


Suzanne Shojaei

Podcast producer

Asal Bagheri


Rezvan Farsijani


Mahka Eslami



Hamze Ghalebi

Economic relations Iran-Europe

Vivien Etard

Economic development

Hamzeh Arabzadeh


Daria Dem

Iran-Russian relations

Business development and communication

Ariane seibert

Graphic design and communication

Arnaud Bertin-Leutengger

Business development and photography

Arthur Bertucat

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