What we do

Our goal at persianletters.com is to bring you a daily dose of Iranian news directly from Iran, selected from the best editorials and articles published in the Iranian media. In doing so, we’ll expand the number of sources in English available about Iran. Our website offers news in 5 categories : politics, economy, diplomacy, society and culture, in addition to a weekly press review of the English-speaking about Iran (coming soon).
In doing so, we intend to offer the widest possible range of information to understand the complexity of Iran and grasp the diversity of the Iranian journalistic production. Our criteria for selecting news items are threefold: quality, trustworthiness and topicality.

Why we do it

Iran is at the heart of international news. Everyday, Western media publish news articles, press agency release new statements et bloggers write posts about Iran.
Yet, the informations sources available to us about Iran are scarce in quantity and often poor in quality. Very few Western media outlets have their own correspondent on the ground in Tehran to follow the news from within the country ; most reporting is done from special correspondents or journalists from the Iranian diaspora based outside of Iran.
In spite of various constraints, the Iranian media shows unabated dynamism and the Iranian blogosphere is one of the most active in the world. The media and the blogs offer a diverse production of social, political, economic and cultural analyses – of great quality.
But 90% of this information remains closed to the non-Persian reader. That’s why we launched Persian Letters.

Who reads us ?

Our website is for journalists, researchers, businessmen and women, students, public officials, policy makers and anyone who is interested in Iran and wishes to deepen its understanding and knowledge about the current state of affairs in this country.

How do we do it ?

We bring special care to our selection process, relying on Iranian journalists and specialists, but also to the quality of translation. News items are first translated into English by a team of translators in Iran, and then proofread and improved though a team of native (or fluent) English speakers. This is how we ensure the translation is adapted to an English-speaking audience, to better and faster grasp the bulk of the news.

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